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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

Services and Resources    


The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. provides many services to animal care professionals and others interested in promoting animal welfare through enrichment.


Resource Materials


Environmental Enrichment

The Shape of Enrichment offers basic information on enrichment on our website.



The Shape of Enrichment offers three publications.

The Shape of Enrichment (Quarterly)

International Conference on Environmental Enrichment Proceedings

Regional Conference on Environmental Enrichment Proceedings


Shape/AAZK Enrichment and Training Video Library

Borrow videotapes about enrichment or training from one of our four video libraries:

Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia)

Brazil (South America)

Europe (Europe, Africa, and the Middle East)

USA (North America, Asia, and others)


Safety Database

The Shape of Enrichment maintains a database of enrichment safety issues. These anecdotes are posted anonymously and can be searched by taxa, enrichment material, and/or hazard experienced. Submissions for this database are always welcome!


Project with the Jane Goodall Institute -- Hungary!

The Shape of Enrichment is honored to collaborate with The Jane Goodall Institute – Hungary to translate The Shape of Enrichment articles and select videos from the Shape/AAZK Video Library into French! This will provide keepers in French-speaking African countries access to the wealth of information in these articles. Once translated, Shape—Africa will coordinate their distribution to appropriate facilities in Africa. For more information, view the project flyer (link above).


Complimentary Downloads

List of all complimentary downloads available on this site.



Conferences and Workshops


Enrichment Workshops

Group workshops about enrichment principles and techniques are provided at the requestorÕs facility. To date, workshops have been given in Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Uganda, The Philippines, Indonesia, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and USA.


Regional Environmental Enrichment Conferences (REEC)

The REEC committee offers guidance for hosting a Regional Environmental Enrichment Conference.


International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE)

The Shape of Enrichment is proud to be the official publication and website of the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment.


ICEE Travel Grant

The Shape of Enrichment conducts a competition prior to most of the international enrichment conferences. The winning author is awarded up to $1,000 for travel expenses to attend and present the winning paper at the conference.


Conference and Workshop Calendar

Watch the calendar for upcoming enrichment conferences, symposia, and workshops.


Resource Networks



These Regionals provide enrichment expertise, education, and support in their region. 




Southeast Europe



Shape Advisory Groups

Six Advisory Groups (Administrative, Behavior, Construction, Education, Horticulture, Taxon) are available to answer your enrichment-related questions.


Related Links

Website links to enrichment-related organizations are provided.



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