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Welcome the SHAPEÑRegionals home page

 Welcome to SHAPE Africa!

            Ah-kwah-bah   Bah-oh   Bom Dia   Bonjour   Dumela   Eee-bow-lah-chee   Gai   Hallo   I-ni-cheh   Jambo   Lumela   Meeng-gah-bou   Met-al-ee-khah   Mhoroi   Molo   Moni   Muli Oas    Shani      Sannu   Salaam aleikum   Salama   Sawubona   Teanastellen    Tjike


SHAPE—Africa is a regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. We are a proactive group dedicated to enhancing captive animal welfare in Africa.


Information on enrichment conferences, workshops, projects, publications, and the Shape / AAZK Video Library is available on this site. What is Enrichment?


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Current SHAPE—Africa Activities

(AKAA) Animal Keepers of Association of Africa - Enrichment Workshop

(PAAZAB) Africa Association of Zoos and Aquaria – Conference presentations

(ICEE) 9th International Conference on Environmental Enrichment - Conference presentations

(ICZ) International Congress of Zookeepers - Conference presentations

(AAZK) American Association for Zoo Keepers - Conference presentations

(WIN) Wildlife Information Network - Preparing an enrichment DVD  

Enrichment Workshops

Montecasino Bird Gardens, South Africa in June 2009
Bloemfontein Zoo, South Africa in October 2009

Find out more about hosting a SHAPE—Africa Workshop at your facility.
Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a workshop in Africa.


Get Involved

Membership is free to all professional animal caretakers in Africa. Please join us!

A Newsletter is produced quarterly in pdf format. A current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be downloaded for free. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Video Library contains an extensive collection of enrichment and training videos available to you.

Submit Photos & Articles of Interest for inclusion in The Shape of Enrichment quarterly publication.

Enrichment List Server & Group information is available here.


Have a challenging question about enrichment? Ask the Experts

SHAPE—Africa History

How SHAPE—Africa Began
Executive Committee of SHAPE—Africa



Scientific Holistic Approach to Positive Enrichment = SHAPE!



Welcome to SHAPEÑAfrica





Food Presentation: Rock lobsters naturally scavenge for food. Mussel meat hidden inside a simple container with a few small holes proved too tasty to resist.
Photo Credit: Rare-Pix ©2009


Scent Enrichment: This tiger spent quite some time interacting with an A-Z Ball which had been drizzled with raw meat scent.
Photo Credit: Rare-Pix ©2009


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