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Welcome to SHAPEÑAfrica

Welcome to SHAPEÑAustralasia


Welcome to SHAPEÑAustralasia, the regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. that is dedicated to increasing and broadening enrichment efforts in the Australia and New Zealand.


Members of the current Australasian executive committee were present at the ICEE meeting in New York, when the ideas leading to the establishment of regional enrichment committees and REEC conferences were discussed. The regional body has developed though REEC conferences and though ASZK, the regional zoo keeping society, where enrichment workshops have been regularly presented.


Aims of Shape Australasia are:-

  • Coordinate regular Australasian REECÕs
  • Provide financial support for regional zoo staff to present at ICEEÕs
  • Produce a regional enrichment newsletter
  • Provide a core group to run environmental enrichment workshops/discussions at regional conferences
  • Provide expertise and resources to enrichment for Australasian fauna
  • Bring overseas enrichment experts in to present at Australasian meetings



Current SHAPEÑAustralasia Activities


SHAPEÑAustralasia Regional Environmental Enrichment Conferences

Enrichment Workshops



SHAPEÑAustralasia Regional Committee

Meet the SHAPEÑAustralasia committee here

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Many thanks,

The SHAPE-Australasia Committee


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