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Welcome to SHAPE—Brasil

Our Brasil is like this...

great, for its extension,

welcoming, for its people, and

simply charming for its exuberant nature.


Shape—Brasil is a regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. that is dedicated to encouraging the use of enrichment techniques for zoo, lab, farm, and companion animals, to enhance their quality of life and welfare.

In order to do that, we intend to offer Brasilian people opportunities for an improvement in their theoretical and practical knowledge of environmental enrichment.

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Current SHAPE—Brasil Activities


Shape—Brasil activities include holding conferences and workshops and publishing a newsletter. It is a pleasure to present the first edition of our newsletter, Brasil News!


Regional Environmental  Enrichment Conference

Enrichment Workshops

Enrichment Courses

Brasil News

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SHAPE—Brasil Executive Committee 


SHAPE—Brasil is operated by an Executive Committee comprised of individuals representing Brasilian universities and zoos.  


Executive Committee of Shape—Brasil

Contact our Executive Committee


 Translation provided by Alice Reisfeld


Scientific Holistic Approach to Positive Enrichment -- SHAPE!





Cane-toad stimulatory enrichment presentation

Photo Credit: Sgai-Pizzutto 2010




Artificial prey developed for birds-of-prey

Photo Credit: Pizzutto-Sgai 2010




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