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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

$1500 ICEE Travel Grant General Information          


In 1999, in keeping with our mission statement of furthering enrichment efforts worldwide, The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. began offering a $1000 Travel Grant to be used to help the winning author attend the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE). Beginning in 2015, this grant was increased to up to $1500!


This money can only be used for travel, housing, registration, and food expenses associated with attending the ICEE. For information on past winners, click on the link below.


By prior agreement, the ICEE reserves a position in their program for our grant winner to present their winning paper. The presenter must comply with the time limits, format, proceedings submissions rules, etc. of The Shape of Enrichment and the ICEE.


Non-winning entries in the $1500 Travel Grant may (and SHOULD!) submit their abstracts to the ICEE programmers for consideration. If they are accepted for presentation at the ICEE, these authors are required to notify our editors immediately upon acceptance.


Non-winning entries that will not be presented at the ICEE may be published in an upcoming issue of The Shape of Enrichment, at the editorŐs discretion.


Past $1000 Travel Grant Winners

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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

The 2017 Shape of Enrichment ICEE $1500 Travel Grant Winner


Deadline for submissions is 1 February, 2017.


Remember, you must submit your COMPLETED paper with your signed application. And take a moment check our helpful hints page!


Download the application form (pdf)


Download free version of Acrobat Reader

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