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Directions are from the Front Entrance of The Benson Hotel


Benson Hotel Valet

Overnight - $29.00

Short Term:

Monday thru Saturday from 4:00am to 5:00pm - $6.00 per hour with a $29.00 maximum

                                                     After 5:00pm - $7.00 for the evening

Sunday - $7.00 for the day

Available 24 hours


Union Bank of California Garage

407 S.W. Broadway – (503) 294-3801

On Broadway between Stark and Washington

Continue from Front of Hotel; ½ Block South to Garage Entrance on Right

Direct Access to The Benson Hotel through Underground Walkway

Open 24 Hours


Weekday Rate:   Early Bird (5am – 9:30am) $10.75 for day

                            $5.00 per Hour / $17.00 Max 24 Hours

                            (5:00 pm – 5am): $6.00

Weekend  Rate:  (5am-5pm) $5.00 Max                                                       

                            (5pm – 5am) $5.00 Max


US Motor Bank Garage (Star Park)

654 SW Oak; directly across from the Benson

Rates:   $6.00/hr; $10.50 Daily Max (up to 12 hours)

              $20 for 24 hours


SmartPark OBryant Square

Stark St. and Park Ave, approximately one block west from the Benson


Weekday Rates:  $1.50/hr for first 4 hours; $5.00 after 4 hours

                                      $9.00 all day Max


Weekend Rate:    $5.00 all day Max


For more parking information, go to


The Benson Hotel is Not Affiliated with Any of these Garages.

Rates are Subject to Change


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