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Environmental Enrichment Scientific Methodology Workshop


Saturday, 20 August 2011

9 am- 5pm

Hosted by:

Oregon National Primate Research Center, Beaverton, OR, USA;

Instructed by:

Valerie J. Hare, The Shape of Enrichment, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA;


Oregon National Primate Research Center (transportation to and from the Benson Hotel will be provided)


$75, includes lunch, morning and afternoon break, transportation, and course materials


Environmental enrichment, as a concept, is now well recognized as an important consideration in the welfare status of any captive animal. Yet, many animal-care professionals remain unaware of the practical considerations important to creating and maintaining successful enrichment plans.

In this one-day workshop, a short introduction to goal-oriented, individual enrichment planning will be followed by an overview of behavior data collection and analysis, as used to assess the effectiveness of those enrichment plans.

This workshop will introduce the attendees to some basic, objective, behavior-collection techniques. Both continuous and timed sampling methods will be presented. Attendees will practice these techniques, first scoring videotaped behavior and then that of specific animals housed at the ONPRC. The curriculum is designed for persons unfamiliar with these techniques who are interested in using more objective methods to ascertain the effectiveness of their specific enrichment plans.

Registration is limited, so sign up early! For more information, contact Kris Coleman at


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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa




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