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Welcome to SHAPE—Africa

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What’s New on Our Website?

Last Updated 16 March 2012


Enrichment Idea Database (EIDB) Now Available!


Over 2 years in design, the EIDB is finally up and running – well, sort of! We are currently running a test phase of this database that all registered users can access once they log in. This searchable database is initially being populated with ideas from the last 20 years of The Shape of Enrichment Quarterly and the proceedings from several Enrichment Conferences. Volunteers are diligently entering ideas from these articles and our thanks go out to them all, most especially Tony Dobbs, for their efforts!


Only ideas that have been tried are eligible for inclusion in the database. Once entered, each idea is first reviewed and then approved by various Shape editors prior to its inclusion in the database. So, while a few hundred ideas have been entered to date, only about 50 are currently available for viewing.


The records in the database include searchable information such as: Taxonomic Group, Enrichment Goal, Enrichment Category, Materials Used, Cost, Construction and Installation Times, Appearance, Durability, Cleaning Options, and Facility Type. Each record will also include information on where the idea was tested, a description of the idea and safety concerns, assessment method used, and a citation if the idea has been published.


Later this year, the EIDB will be accessible only to subscribers who have ordered their subscription via our website’s online ordering page. At that point, subscribers will be able to enter ideas that they have tried and/or comment on ideas already in the database.

Enrichment Idea Database



NEW! Shape—Sweden Is Now on the Website!

Shape—Sweden has created their website pages – click on “Sweden” under “Regionals” (or on the link below) and check it out. Read about their activities and committee!



Translations Available!

The Enrichment Overview page on this website has been translated into Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish! Also, the 5 Categories of Enrichment and Enrichment Planning Chart are available in English, Hungarian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. Translations into French, Swedish, Khmer, and Mandarin are underway. And, as always, all pages in Shape—Brasil’s section are translated into Portuguese! Use the links below to access all!

Enrichment Overview

Resources (Free!)



Complimentary Downloads All in 1 Place!

Throughout the website there are links to files that can be downloaded for free. To make those easier to find, they all can now also be found under “Resources (Free!)” under the “Services” option on the menu bar. Some are available in a variety of languages. Check it out!

Resources (Free!)


We are looking for anyone interested in translating these documents more languages. If you know someone who is fluent in both English and another language and wants to help, please contact Valerie Hare.




Register NOW!


To be sure you receive email notifications of the new features of this website as they come online, please register now! To register, click on “Register” on the menu bar and fill in the form. Make a note of your user name and password as you will need these whenever you log in.

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About This Site


For general information using this website, please click on the link below or select “About Us” >> “About this Site”.

About this Site


Welcome to SHAPE—Africa



Hey, Everyone! We Know You are Doing Great Enrichment Out There – Send Us an Article and We’ll Share It via Our New Blog!  


Contact Our Editors 


Updated 1/28/16

Publication News!


Issue 23(4) of The Shape of Enrichment has been uploaded and digital subscribers can download now!


The black-and-white hard copy version of issue 23(4) will be mailed soon. Please allow 1 week for domestic addresses and 2 weeks for overseas addresses. If you do not receive your issue within this timeframe, please contact Valerie Hare.



The Shape of Enrichment Blog


Beginning in 2016, The Shape of Enrichment articles will be provided via an edited blog. The articles will be very similar to the previous digital publication but will uploaded as individual articles rather than an entire publication. Along with independent articles, select presentations from ICEE and REEC conference will be posted on the blog.


The blog may only be subscribed to by ordering via the Orders page on this website ( However, we are not currently accepting subscriptions until the price is set and some computer logistics are resolved. Please watch this space and the scrawl at the top of the website for notification. (Note the price will NOT exceed the current digital price of $20 USD).


For a limited time, the blog is available to all by selecting “Shape Blog” under “Presentations” on the Main Menu.


Individual back issues from volumes 1-23 are also available by ordering through the Order page. At this time, we have some hard copies available.


Subscribers will also receive complimentary access to our Enrichment Idea Database.




Publications Available




All proceedings, publications, and blog access that are available for purchase are listed on the Orders page.


Additional, complimentary publications are available on your personalized download page”. To access this page, you must be logged in and select “Download” under “Publications” on the Main Menu





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