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What is Shape-Regional

Welcome to the SHAPERegionals Home Page


SHAPE—Regionals  were created to further The Shape of Enrichment, Inc.Ős mission within specific geographic regions. These satellites of Shape are operated by dedicated volunteers living and working in the region. The regionals are formed with the permission and support of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. and are operated in conjunction with SHAPE—International personnel.


To navigate our site, click on the links and return to this page using the back arrow on your browser. You can visit the web pages of each SHAPE—Regional at any time by clicking on the regional-shaped icons above or selecting their name from the drop-down menu.


Each SHAPE—Regional Committee serves to guide existing regions with their projects and especially to work with new regions during their formation. We aim that each region of the world will have its own committee that will organize conferences and any other events that they feel will help promote enrichment in their region. They may also raise funds to subsidize any conferences that they may hold to try and keep the cost of registration as low as possible. If you are interested in learning about, or participating in, the development of a SHAPE—Regional in your area, please contact our SHAPE—Regionals Chair, Julian Chapman.


Each SHAPE—Regional committee works hard to promote the theory and practice of environmental enrichment in their region by holding conferences or workshops. The first Regional Environmental Enrichment Conference was held by SHAPE—UK-Ireland, in 2006. Since then, 3 other regionals have come into being: Africa, Australasia, and Brasil. To visit their sites, please click on their icons above or select their name from the drop-down menu.


SHAPE—Regional has also set up an e-mail group which we encourage all of you who are interested in environmental enrichment join. The group includes a discussion forum, which is a great way to discuss the practice and theory of enrichment with other animal caretakers from around the world.


So please support our efforts by attending future conferences (both ICEE and REEC) which will be advertised on this site, and by becoming a member of our e-mail group.


Many thanks,

The SHAPE—Regional Committee


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SHAPE = Scientific Holistic Approach to Positive Enrichment!



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