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Welcome to SHAPE—South and East Europe (SHAPE—SEE)!


SHAPE—SEE is a regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc.



Our mission is to bring together people who work in zoos in different capacities and who are interested in promoting environmental enrichment and working to enrich the lives of captive animals. We will support each other by sharing ideas to implement and advance enrichment efforts in this region.


Committee Members

Andras Kopacz founded SHAPE—SEE in 2009. Currently, there are four members on our steering committee, two from Romania and two from Hungary. However, additional members, especially from unrepresented countries in the region, are welcome. If you are interested, please contact us.

Meet SHAPE—SEE Committee

Contact Shape—SEE Committee



SHAPE—SEE is tackling many enrichment challenges in our region. We are a new regional and still determining how best to meet our goals. Currently, we are working on:

• Organizing Enrichment Workshop(s) in Romania and Hungary

• Translating resources and pages on Shape’s website

• Increasing communication about enrichment and animal welfare among zoo professionals in the region

• Maintaining a SHAPE—SEE Facebook Page

• Producing a regular SHAPE—SEE Newspaper



For easy communication, we create a mailing group at “Yahoo Groups”. This group is conducted in English. Follow the link below to join!

SEE Yahoo Group


Also, you can communicate with us using our Facebook Page. Just click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page; that will take you to The Shape of Enrichment fan page. From there, click on the SHAPE—SEE link to visit our page. You do no need to have a Facebook account to visit Shape’s fan page.



Quarterly, we produce a newsletter, named “NewsPaper”, which covers SHAPE—SEE’s activity. NewsPaper is published in English in pdf format. If you do not have an application that allows you to read pdf files, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe, using the link below.

SEE NewsPaper

Acrobat Reader


Related Links

One of our members maintains a zoo website. The Zoo-Linx group is a great resource for enrichment and other zoo-related topics in Romania. The link below will take you to the site, which can be viewed in English or Romanian.







Shape—SEE Enrichment Workshops in Romania and Hungary this November!

ShapeSEE Környezetgazdagítási Konferenciák Romániában és Magyarországon idén Novemberben!


For more information download the Workshop Flyer below or contact Myfanwy Griffiths.

További információért kérjük töltse le az alábbi Konferenia Felhívást vagy lépjen kapcsolatba  Myfanwy Griffiths-el.


Scholarships are available for both workshops. Applications and recommendation forms are available below.

Ösztöndíjak elérhetők mindkét konferenciára. Jelentkezési lapok és ajánlólevél formanyomtatványok elérhetők lentebb.



Workshop Flyer

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recommendation



Konferencia Felhívás

Ösztöndíj Jelentkezési Lap

Ösztöndíj Ajánlólevél



Workshop Flyer

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recommendation



Shape Website Pages Available In:



Shape-SEE Home Page

Enrichment Overview

5 Categories of Enrichment

Enrichment Planning Chart



Enrichment Overview

5 Categories of Enrichment

Enrichment Planning Chart

Enrichment Gone Wrong!







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