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The History of SHAPE-Sweden


The group started as an environmental enrichment group in the Swedish Zoo Association in 2005 out of Linda Askelund and Stefan Jonsson. In 2007 the group was expanded with two people: Kenneth Ekvall and My Wadström.


2007 we started an email list with now over 110 recipients who spread information about Environmental Enrichment, however, since 2011 we also use an Facebook page for this purpose as well.


In 2008 a written guidance in environmental enrichment was developed for zoo staffs, students, supervisors and managers.


2009 we merged with The Shape of Enrichment as a Shape-Regional, Shape Sweden!


And now, in 2011, we started out this website with our editor, Gülfidan Kulbay, who manages the website.


Our committee members have participated in the international Conferences on Environmental Enrichment since 2001.




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