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Welcome to SHAPE—UK-Ireland, the regional division of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. that is dedicated to furthering enrichment efforts in the UK and Ireland.


SHAPE—UK-Ireland is the region where the concept of SHAPE—Regionals first began. We formed our UK-Ireland Regional Committee in 2005 and held our first Regional Environmental Enrichment Conference (REEC) at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in 2006. Since then we have had 4 subsequent meetings; at Bristol Zoo Gardens, Marwell Wildlife, Port Lympne and Howletts Wild Animal Parks and this year at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. All of our meetings have been a great success; featuring workshops, keynote speakers and practical sessions to encourage and inform animal care staff about enrichment. We also have a very active Facebook group which contains photos and videos of current and seasonal enrichments and a forum for questions or new ideas.


NEWS! The 5th SHAPE—UK-Ireland REEC was held at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo from 27th to the 30th April this year and was a huge success.

We were very excited to see so many new faces and enthusiastic delegates. The Edinburgh Zoo Enrichment Committee did a fantastic job of organising a dynamic and interesting conference, including three excellent key note speakers; Dr. David Shepherdson, Prof. Rob. J. Young and Prof. Hannah Buchanan-Smith, all with extensive experience in the field of environment for captive animals, both zoo and laboratory-based, and all with innovative plans for the future of enrichment. We were also very lucky to have both Val Hare and Karen Worley from the SHAPE of Enrichment attend the conference, introducing us to the Enrichment Idea Database here on the SHAPE website and hosting a great behaviour solving workshop for keepers.


The conference had over 60 delegates from 32 institutions and organisations, not including the RZSS staff that popped in and out of talks and workshops during conference.

The topics of presentations ranged from the use of music and plants as enrichment, to how enrichment can benefit PR and education in the zoo. Species-specific enrichment was covered for penguins, sloth bears, macaques, capuchins and small carnivores and we even got to see demonstrations from the RZSS staff of penguins chasing bubbles and capuchins anointing themselves with onion scent which was great!


The prize for the best presentation went to Chris Lucas from Blair Drummond Safari Park for his talk on 'Elephant Enclosure Design for Enrichment' which described the new elephant house at the park and the provision of enrichment to provide a more naturalistic exhibit for the elephants, facilitating Chris and the staff to manage the environment for the inhabitants, not just their behaviour.

Check out our facebook page for more info and photos from the conference, including a picture of Chris with his award.

Proceedings for the meeting will be available soon, keep checking this website…



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